Essential Tips for Traveling With a Dog

Travel can be stressful for both you and your dog if you are unprepared, but with proper planning you can make the experience far more pleasurable for both of you.

Before embarking on an extended trip with your pet, take short practice trips first in order to familiarise them with traveling in a vehicle and feed them before traveling in order to reduce motion sickness.

Pack a Travel Kit

As you prepare to travel by car, RV, train, or plane with your pup it is crucial that all their supplies are packed and organized beforehand – this reduces stress while eliminating last minute scrambling!

Arranging all your dog’s essential items is also beneficial in case an emergency veterinarian visit is required.

Make sure to pack all necessary supplies, including leash, collar, ID tags and vaccination records for your pet. In addition, pack an animal-specific first aid kit with antiseptic wipes, ice packs cotton balls petroleum jelly scissors for their first aid needs. In countries or cities requiring picking up after your pup we recommend Earth Rated dog poop bags which are made from recycled material with holders for holding used bags – we highly recommend Earth Rated’s Eco Rated dog poop bags which make great additions.

Take Short Practice Trips

Before embarking on any lengthy trips with your dog, it is a wise move to introduce them gradually to travel environments. You should ensure they can manage car rides without becoming motion sick or anxious and agitated. This will also let you determine whether they would make good candidates for long journeys or are best left at home.

Similarly, if traveling internationally with your pet, make sure you consult with a veterinarian in the country where you’ll be going in advance, seeking information regarding vaccines and medications required in that location. This will save a great deal of headache and stress in case anything goes amiss during your travels. Furthermore, never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle as just seven minutes can see the temperature inside reach unsafe levels for him/her.

Pack a Leash and Water

If you own a dog, ensuring you have an appropriate leash will allow for better control during travel if they become excited or nervous during their ride.

Bring plenty of fresh, clean water for your pet to drink during their travels, such as a travel water bowl with easy access. This ensures they can access it during breaks.

Make sure that you bring along poop bags. While having bags handy is always a good idea, having them with you when traveling with a dog becomes especially essential. No one wants to be the irresponsible pet parent who leaves behind an unpleasant mess for someone else to clean up! Additionally, update their microchip information if applicable with your contact details so they can be returned if lost.

Find Dog-Friendly Rest Stops

Travel can be stressful for pets and humans alike. Ensuring your canine remains calm and well-trained will make the journey more pleasant for all involved.

Before flying or driving your trip, research pet-friendly rest areas along your route so you can stop regularly for bathroom breaks, food stops and to allow your pup some exercise and play time. Also bring along an extra leash just in case something unexpected comes up!

When traveling by plane, make sure to contact the airline ahead of time to learn their requirements for pets in cabin. Bring some items that smell familiar from home – blankets or toys could do. Also remember to pack a collapsible crate in case anything arises that requires leaving your vehicle alone for any reason.

Don’t Skip a Meal

Pet dogs may lose their appetite during travel, so feeding them regularly and packing extra food in case of delays or accidents is essential to ensuring an enjoyable journey for both parties involved.

Bring along some puzzle dog toys made by Kong to keep your pup amused throughout your journey and serve as an incentive for good behavior during travel. They’re an easy way to reward him or her!

If you’re flying with your pup, opt for nonstop flights so they won’t become distressed during layovers. While at each stop they will spend most of their time confined to their crate causing anxiety and dehydration; make sure to pack comforting blankets, toys that smell familiar as well as plenty of poop bags just in case!

Don’t Listen to Loud Music

As a rule of thumb when traveling with dogs, keep the volume low or off altogether. Loud music may make them uncomfortable or make driving harder – plus it can become distracting, meaning that driving becomes more hazardous overall.

Also, it’s not wise for your pet to occupy space inside of the car while driving; this could cause them to become excited or nervous and increase the chance of an accident occurring.

Do not leave your dog alone in the car, even with all windows open – on hot days it can reach 104 degrees within just 10 minutes, making the temperature feel like boiling water! For long drives ask your veterinarian about probiotics to help with anxiety or stomach upset and remember to pack plenty of leashes and poop bags as well using the extra money you make by playing poker online on websites reviewed on

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone

Dogs are social animals and dislike being left alone for too long. Leaving your pup in a hot car during the daytime could result in overheating and an eventual heat stroke, potentially even fatality. So whether traveling to the beach or another city, always bring someone along to walk the pup or ask a neighbor or friend to look after it while driving.

Make sure that your dog has access to food and water during their travels, and any toys or puzzles left for them are indestructible in case they get chewed apart or swallowed by chewing dogs. Furthermore, ensure your pup is microchipped with identification tags bearing your current phone number in case they get lost – the last thing you want is for an unexpected breakdown on the side of the road without being able to call for help!

Don’t Forget the Microchip

Traveling with your pup needn’t be an ordeal if you have all of the essentials covered. Just ensure you have everything covered: carrier, leash, harness, poop bags and ID tags – and book direct flights whenever possible to reduce risk. Otherwise your dog could end up left on the tarmac during extreme weather conditions or mishandled by baggage personnel during layovers.

Remember to bring familiar items from home when traveling with your dog. A favorite toy or bed will help your pup feel more at home and help ease anxiety they might be experiencing during the journey. Additionally, update their microchip contact details before going away so they can be returned if they become lost during your travels.

Don’t Forget the ID Tags

No matter if traveling by car or airplane, make sure your pet has up-to-date ID tags with contact details, copy of microchip, and proof of current rabies vaccination certificate.

Make sure that the engraving on your pet’s collar is clearly legible to give someone searching for them an advantage if they find your pup. Also consider attaching a temporary tag with travel plans or the phone number of their pet-sitter.

Consider attaching a GPS tracker to your pet’s collar as it can provide more effective tracking solutions than microchips or embroided collars. With its real time search function and ability to help locate them easily in real time, a GPS tracker can also prove essential when traveling long distances or heading out on hikes in unfamiliar territory.

Don’t Forget the Treats

Travel can be stressful for both humans and pets alike, but with proper preparation it’s possible to make the trip as stress-free as possible for all involved. Mental Floss consulted both a veterinarian and dog trainer on ways to make the travel process less daunting for your pup.

Before embarking on your travels with your pet, take them for a walk or visit to the park so they’re used to being in their crate for extended periods of time. Don’t forget to pack a collar featuring microchip and ID tag so your canine companion is easily identified at rest stops or hotels along your itinerary.

Bring along an activity toy such as a KONG or natural-shed antler for longer trips, to help keep your pup busy for hours on end and reduce any travel-related stress and anxiety. Doing this will allow them to forget all about being away from home!